Solo Exhibitions (Selection)
Porca Preta Gallery, Monchique, Algarve
Curated by Pablo Malter - October
"De la abstracción a la figuración", Fundación Venâncio Salcines, Coruña, Spain - November
"Underground", Ap'Arte Gallery, Porto - May
"A Bit of Everything", Cultural Center of Vinhais
Memorial Museum of Curitiba, Paraná -Brasil - October
Gallery A Hebraica, São Paulo, brazil, September
"Dust to Dust" - Cultural Center of Ermesinde, Valongo - April
"From the Abstract to the Figurative", Gallery A Hebraica, São Paulo, Brazil, October
"Tiles of Portugal", Memorial of Curitiba, Brasil, October
Latin America Memorial - Resident Artist of November - Exhibition "Maturity"
"Sarcasm, Irony of Franchini X Introspection of Norberto Stori" - MackenzieCultural and Historical Center, October
"04+14=10 Past and Present of the Art of Franchini", House of Culture Master José Rodrigues, Alfândega da Fé, Portugal
Little Paintings, Big Stories. Here is Franchini, Casa Barbot, Vila Nova de Gaia
Gallery Camões Consulate General in Sao Paulo Brazil
"Herrings and Reindeers to Humberto", AVVA Gallery Helsinki, Finland
"Con senza conigli, l'art sopravviverà!", Barcelos Municipal Gallery
"Gli Ultimi cinque anni l'inizio and gave prossimi cinquanta anni di Franchini dell'arte", Museum Teixeira Lopes, Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal
Travelling Exhibition, Douro Museum, Portugal
Painting Exhibition "Volunteer Transgression", Ap'Arte Gallery, Porto
Circuit Miguel Bombarda - Franchini's Gallery, Porto, Portugal
"The Color of Sound", Museum Teixeira Lopes, Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal
Conservatory of Music of Porto, Portugal
Commemorative Exhibition the 4th anniversary of the Auditorium at the invitation of the Municipality of Santa Marta de Penaguião, Portugal
Foundation Dr. António Cupertino de Miranda, Porto

Collective Exhibitions (Selection)
2018 - Maison&Objet, Paris
Collective exhibition for the 120th Anniversary of the restoration of the County of Sta. Marta de Penaguião, Museum Caves Santa Marta
1st Exhibition of Museum Causas Abril, Corpus Christi, Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal
International Exhibition "Douro World Heritage", Museum Caves Santa Marta, Santa Marta de Penaguião, Portugal
Author Label editing by the occasion of the FIFA World Cup, Caves Santa Marta, Sta. Marta de Penaguião, Portugal
"Forâneos", Art Gallery Espacio 36, Zamora, Spain
"Caritas Christi Urget Nos -Moved by the Love of God", Grijó Monastery, Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal
"Thought and Design", International Exhibition of Artists Books, Municipal Auditorium of Gondomar. Curated by Doctor Agostinho Santos
2nd Exhibition Museum of Causes, Museum Caves Santa Marta. Curated by Franchini
Municipal Museum of Resende, Group António Ramalho - November
Christmas Collective, Ap'Arte Gallery, Porto
3rd Exhibition Museum of Causes, House of Gramido, Gondomar. Curated by Humberto Nelson
Illustration of the Ajudaris Book
"The Erotic Art at Douro or the Feminine Silhouette of Douro", Palace of São Mateus
"Mater Dei Mater Ecclesiae", Grijó Monastery, Vila Nova de Gaia
"Count Guião", Museum Caves Santa Marta, Sta. Marta de Penaguião, Portugal
Collective of contemporary painting with works of Pablo Picasso, Dali, Miró, Mason - Doctors Order
"Cherry Blossoms", Cultural Center of Alfândega da Fé, Portugal
"The Bísaro Pig", Bísaro pig parade, Vinhais,
Collective of Painting, Ap'Arte Gallery, Porto
Labels for Douro Wine, Museum Caves Santa Marta, Sta. Marta Penaguião
"In the Order with Art", Doctors Order
Gaia Biennial, Vila Nova de Gaia
"The Year of Arts continues", House of Culture, Alfândega da Fé
"Liturgy", Grijó Monastery, Vila Nova de Gaia
"les uns et les autres", Ap'Arte Gallery, porto
Wine labels, Museum Caves Santa Marta
Cervantes Institute, Avenida Paulista, São Paulo, Brazil
Engraving Museum of Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil
"Douro Vintage", Museum Caves Santa Marta
Icons of faith, Cloisters of S.Domingos, Viana do Castelo
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