Ana Monteiro was born in Braga , city where she began her artistic training, right before joining the College of Fine Arts - Branch
Painting at Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade do Porto. Master in Painting at the same institution.
Since 2008, she is guiding her training towards
the development of plastic and visual skills , especially in
the fields of painting and drawing , without forgetting , however, a strong investment in areas such as Art History , Aesthetics , Art Criticism , Printing Techniques and Set Design , among others .
Currently, gives lessons of drawing and painting in several institutions, such as Colégio Teresiano, Fundação Inatel, Cooperativa Cultural Velha- a- Branca, all located in Braga.
Since December of 2013, she is collaborating in the foundation of a new artistic project, devoted to the divulgation of emergent artists – The Shair Project. Is Member of i2ADS ( Institute for Research in Art, Design and
Society ) .
Since 2011, has participated in several collective exhibitions
and some single ones.
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